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Guide to Everyday Negotiating

Designed to make you a powerhouse in your day-to-day personal intercommunications. You'll see how you're doing the same things that the international negotiators do. If you learn the fundamentals, you'll be able see what negotiators in the news are doing, you'll understand why they're doing it, and it will become a continuous learning process for you. Full of negotiating gambits that you can put to use right away, plus the four key things that make you a good negotiator.

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Guide to Business Negotiating

Business negotiations are tougher than ever before, as global competition increases and businesses fight to maintain their profit margins. These are the hard-hitting negotiating strategies that will enable you to go head-to-head with the toughest buyer and get the sale with increased margins. You'll also learn how to smoothly handle the three major problems in negotiations: Impasses, stalemates and deadlocks.

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Advanced Tactics for
Power Negotiating

You'll never feel powerless in a negotiation once you've studied this video. You'll learn the eight things that can cause you to blink first in negotiations, and make concessions to the other side that you really don't have to. You'll learn the personal characteristics that make you irresistible to the other side. Also how to use time pressure and information power and how to handle crisis negotiations the way that terrorist negotiators do.

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Power Negotiating for Salespeople


Think how your sales and your profit margins would soar, if you could have Roger Dawson speak at your sales meetings once a month! Now you can, with this new series & twelve 30-minute video DVDs designed just for this purpose. Dawson goes one-on-one with your salespeople to show them how to out-negotiate your buyers. Play one a month at your sales meetings and watch your people become masterful negotiators!

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